Founding Director of Scope 4 Success
Michael Speranza

Scope 4 Success was born on December, 16, 2008

I was born in Camden, New Jersery and then moved and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where I graduated from High School in Foxborough, Mass, the hometown of the New England Patriots. I then attended prep school at Avon Old Farms Prep. I was a three sport athlete, but at the end of the year I did not have many offers to attend University. I decided to book a flight and fly to Arizona, where I had some friends attending Arizona State. Within 2 weeks I registered in University and started trying out with Junior Colleges.
It took some time but I finally received a scholarship offer to play basketball at Northland Pioneer Junior College in the Painted Desert of Northeast Arizona. After some personal issues I decided to transfer to Purdue University North Central, where I had a successful career and graduated from University. After maxing out credit cards and working full-time labour jobs to attend professional try-out camps I finally got the phone call that would change my life. Coach Kennedy offered me a pro basketball contract to play in Castlebar, Ireland. This led me to working and training at Internationally renowned IMG Sport Academies where I had access to the best facilities available and was able to gain experience playing against and helping to develop players from 12 years old to NBA and European professionals.  

The journey of life got very interesting after that, as I was lucky enough to play pro basketball in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, and the UK.  Toward the end of my career I saw a gap in the market, and learned through my travels that I needed to start a Holistic Youth Work Company. The main focus being on the individual and their emotions and needs. I have used my experience of different cultures to help young people maximize their potential and become a productive part of society. The journey has not always been ‘cookies and cream’, in this ever competitive and globalised world you need to stay a step ahead of your market and always be forward thinking in your ideas and vision. With that being said, when you open ‘Pandora’s Box’ to following your dreams, it’s not always easy and sometimes you second-guess everything. The thing is once you learn something; you’re not able to unlearn it.  So I thought let’s share these experiences with others trying to achieve their Dreams.  

We have now been running for 15 years and have had loads of ups and downs but we keep fighting to make Scope 4 Success a mainstay in helping young people become a success. We hope to continue to share our motto:   
Book smarts  +  Street smarts =  Life Smarts