We actually heard about Mike Speranza even before we met him in person. Our son spoke highly about this coach that was trying to build up a successful Basketball Team at the Sixth Form College he had started to attend in the UK. Mike was coaching my son and the rest of the Basketball Team and spent many days after college, evenings and weekends etc training, motivating and encouraging the team to success.  
Our son had always wanted to play Basketball, but as a family who believed in Education first, we had always said that he must get a good education before Basketball (and if he was lucky he could combine both) in meeting Mike, my son met someone who believed this vision was possible. 
In speaking with our son, we found out that Mike was American (so he obviously knew about Basketball !!) and we also discovered, over time, that Mike had a great deal of experience as a professional player. What also grabbed our attention was that he also believed and was interested in the education/academic achievements of the Basketball Team members and the many other young people he worked with at the UK Sixth Form College. 
This interest in all areas of the individuals’ development and achievements, on and off the field, is one aspect of the motivation that allowed my son to progress and achieve his present success. 
Over time, as parents, we have found that Mike (and his company Scope 4 Success Limited) is not just a basketball coach, but also a mentor who encourages the young people/youths he works with to improve and achieve their very best as all round individuals. 
On meeting Mike Speranza and dealing with him over the years we have found that he has a very positive attitude to achieving success. He has increased the motivation and positive attitude/outlook of the young people he has worked with. My son being one of them. Mike has encouraged and increased his motivation to achieve his own personal goals and achievements. 
Mike Speranza has a very positive belief in the future possibilities of youth/young people. His overall attitude etc manages to bring out the best so motivating them into achieving their best. 
What I like about Mike of Scope 4 Success Limited is that he has a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of basketball / sport requirements in both the UK and USA. Where our son is concerned, he has always given us regular and constructive feedback, keeping us informed, as well as the future planning he envisaged for my son. All this has given me confidence and some understanding of the sporting environment. 
Mike is some one that you want on your side, tenacity, discipline and constructive motivation within the environment of Education and Sport. 
Mrs Yvette Benson – Olaseni                        Mr Benson B. Olaseni 
Teaching Assistant                                        Applications Deputy Team Leader   
Education and Learning                                Development & Renewal Directorate  
Tower Hamlets Council                                 London Borough of Tower Hamlets 
August 2011. 
Guy Alexander Scotland - Williamson Testimonial

Scope and more importantly Mike Speranza, has made a defining contribution to Alexander’s development as a young basketball player.

Since first making contact with Mike in 2009, he has had a positive effect on the work ethic that already existed, but more importantly, he engaged on a intellectual level to enable Alexander to see his full and true potential, working with him both on and off the court.

Mike identified how to help further, and hone, the identified potential, by arranging training in Chicago, whilst liaising in the process where Basketball coaches from various schools looked at the young players live on court and on tape. This process ultimately resulted in a number of players being offered excellent schools.

The contribution from Mike does not end at court side, but extends to aiding in the decision making process on the most suitable school, which is not necessarily solely based on basketball ability or potential alone, but on the best all round fit. The academic side of the process was as important a consideration as the basketball.

There has always been close contact with the player and the parents, making sure that there is a cohesive contact framework in place, therefore enabling all concerned to work towards the same goal.

As a family we would not hesitate to recommend Scope for Success and in particular, Mike, for his absolute professionalism at all times.

Guy Williamson QPM