S4S Experience

Scope 4 Success intends to empower the young people involved in our program. Through the program young people will gain appropriate nutritional and hygiene advice, job and life-skill training, financial literacy courses, extra tutoring and increased physical activity. Individually each young person involved will be provided with the tools to better themselves. In addition, the program will focus on group settings, giving the participants the opportunity to productively articulate their thoughts and ideas to be a success in team and group situations.

Scope 4 Success aims to break down the barriers of communication between the educational system, parenting roles, and social activity groups. This will be achieved by offering extra and non-traditional ways of learning, a mentoring program, and other extracurricular activities including sport, music, media and performing arts.  Scope 4 Success is able to reach and inspire today’s ever-changing youth. With knife crime continuing to rise, increases in obesity and poor exam results Scope 4 Success can be used as a key educational tool in striving to reverse these trends.

“A little over 6 months ago, I teamed up with Scope 4 Success because I was a young offender who was ready to reform my life as a whole. Coming from a very deprived area of Hackney, I started off selling drugs for „older mans‟ and more powerful street figures after school. These people were interested to see if I was ready to move on to a more extreme lifestyle, so they invested time into teaching me the ropes of the drug world. By the age of 14 I was off the streets laundering money made into different things. I lived a crazy lifestyle which ended when I got into an altercation over a bad drug deal, which then lead me to serve time at Feltham Young Offenders‟ Institute. Serving time made me realize I needed to change my lifestyle and become into a man. Scope 4 Success empowered my confidence in fighting the temptation of going back to the „drug world and instead steered me to not only keep off the drug dealing but also enabled me to focus on gaining qualifications and now I am working with Scope 4 Success‟s at risk youths, giving them the advice they need to avoid the negative situations that I was in and also give advice to try and avoid the negative situations that they are in right now.”

(Case study quote from one of our young people who has come through our project).